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Smell the Alterendent!
Straight Rock `n Roll, with a dash of Blues, Punk & New Wave:
“Despite the current post-modern citation madness, the nOSE has managed to preserve some of the immediacy with which Sup Pop and Grunge stormed the charts at the beginning of the 90ies. That’s why BLOW is a true and authentic alternative rock album.” (underdog

The Nose limit their sound to the essentials - “Pure Rock’n’Roll” - straight lines only, no flourishes, but nonetheless tuneful and always straight to the point! Untouched by trends, the band-of-fife rely on basic song structures, arranging Rock, Blues, Punk and New Wave to create a new entity that never becomes dull or prosaic.

Yes, in their own way, the nOSE are minimalists – but isn’t less sometimes more?

2010: Founded

2011: First live performance at Arena Wien

2012: Release of CD “BLOW”, which was received particularly favourably by the media in German.

2nd place at the Austrian music video competition “Rockin’Movies Awards” (Head Judge: Rudi Dolezal), for the first ever video of the band (“Accelerate”)

2013: Release of “Hot Loner” on the 9th of January, the first of three EPs scheduled for this year, which is perhaps a bit more pop than its predecessor, but still “Pure Rock’n’Roll” and still the nOSE!

“It is simply wonderful how the band manages to charmingly indulge in understatement whilst coming up with truly wonderful 3-minutes gems. It keeps growing on you, and has additive potential!” (With Love, the

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